Why Priority

• Robust, flexible, affordable and infinitely expandable

• Trusted by more than 7,500 organizations and 300,000 users worldwide

Core features distinguishing Priority from its competitors

Why priority


For those wishing to maintain Priority’s environment in-house, the platform can be installed on local servers. But this advanced ERP suite also supports cloud-based access, helping you avoid many of the technical and financial challenges associated with:

• System upgrades

• Hardware maintenance

• IT Troubleshooting

And with real-time updates and redundant servers, Priority’s cloud option ensures your business’s sensitive data remain protected. Your team never has to worry about viruses, attacks, or unscheduled downtime.


Priority grows with your business as you continue adding new team members. There’s no need to invest in bloated software. Only pay for the user accounts you require – whether you’re an established business or just starting out. This flexibility helps to keep your operating costs to a minimum.

Why priority
Why priority


Don’t like being tied to any single location? Does your team often travel to off-site events and business meetings? No problem. With the in-phone mobile app, it’s possible to access Priority’s core functions no matter where your team members go. Secure log-ins ensure your data remain safe – and that each interaction is highly customized for that specific user.

And just like with the browser-based interface, Priority’s mobile app benefits from real-time updates so your team always has access to the latest data and features.


Priority’s technology provides unparalleled analytical capabilities, allowing you to gain much deeper insights into the challenges and opportunities your business faces. With a few clicks of the mouse, your team members can easily drill down into the data and create detailed, real-time reports.

The platform also provides highly customizable dashboards, shortcuts, and milestones to ensure you always have access to the information you need – when you need it.

Priority’s business insights remove the guesswork, allowing you to:

• Make better-informed decisions.

• Attract more customers.

• Generate more sales.

Why priority
Why priority


Priority is a standalone suite that works out-of-the-box to serve the vast majority of ERP business needs. But the platform allows for unmatched customization so your team can configure each feature accordingly.

As Priority evolves with real-time updates, all your in-house customizations remain intact. This ensures the platform benefits from the latest security improvements from Priority’s end without impacting any enhancements made on your end. Priority’s multi-layered architecture also lets you migrate customer data, user interfaces, and advanced customizations from one upgrade to the next.


Your team can fine-tune your critical business processes without any IT setup, so you are free to change the system as your business changes.

Why priority
Why priority


All applications are owned by Priority-Software and are seamlessly integrated and upgraded without delay or additional charges.