The Power Of One System

Tired of bloated software solutions that don’t really satisfy your needs?

Priority™ allows you to handpick individual features based on your business, industry, and requirements. Enjoy a more streamlined ERP experience by only utilizing the components you actually need, whether if they are general modules used by a majority of our users, or industry specific modules developed for companies like yours.

Priority Modules commonly used Include:

Business Process Management

Priority’s business process management (BPM) module represents the ultimate in implementation and planning flexibility. With its user-friendly interface, this component enables your employees to custom-design automated responses, notifications, to-do lists, and productivity workflows – both within their respective departments and across the entire organization.

Business Intelligence

The business analytics module provides your team with real-time insights into how your entire enterprise is performing. In addition to executive-level reporting, this component allows team members to dive deep into the data and study department-level metrics or run customer-specific reports. The module also comes with highly customizable dashboards that provide instant snapshots using whatever parameters you require.

Financial Management

Monitor the economic health of your business with this robust tool. Once configured, the financial management module allows you to better understand and manage your company’s budgetary needs, cost controls, cash flow, accounting, and overall performance. This component even makes regulatory compliance a snap.

Sales and Marketing Support

End-to-end customer lifecycle management becomes much easier once you have the sales and marketing module set up. This feature empowers team members to make better-informed decisions about leads, advertising campaigns, conversions, customer pipelines, and risk assessments.

With real-time forecasting, you’ll know which opportunities to pursue – and what obstacles to avoid.

Project Management

Allow your teams to collaborate in the cloud with Priority’s project management module. When new tasks enter the system, you can easily link them with their corresponding projects, complete with:

• User-assigned roles

• Task deadlines

• Email notifications

This component also supports budgeting, invoicing, cost forecasting, Gantt charts, data migration, statements of work, bills of materials, and end-to-end resource management.

Customer Service Management

Priority’s customer service module makes it easier to improve client satisfaction while simultaneously reducing your company’s call center costs. The module provides both detailed and holistic overviews for every user in your system, helping you identify and satisfy their individual needs.

And thanks to its mobile integration, this module also permits your sales and technical teams to provide ongoing customer support while in the field.

Supply Chain Management

The Priority supply chain management module delivers end-to-end support for every aspect of production control, material requirements planning, inventory management, delivery scheduling, QA management, and intercompany purchasing – both for you and for every vendor in your supply chain.

Human Resources Management

Employees are the most important asset in any business. And with the Priority HR module, you’ll be able to improve your recruitment and training efforts to build an effective team that performs better.

The module includes advanced talent management capabilities, complete with role assignments, benefits administration, payroll management, attendance monitoring, and scheduling.

Application Architecture Management

The Priority application architecture module provides integrated customization management and advanced deployment capabilities to ensure you conform to the latest compliance standards – regardless of what local regulatory rules apply.

This module even includes multi-lingual support and customizable parameters for industry-specific standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Technology Architecture Management

The technology architecture module provides both Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Web-enabled graphical interfaces. Because of the platform’s seamless integration, the user interface (UI) remains consistent – whether you choose to access Priority online or through a locally stored environment.

However, the technology under the Priority hood permits users to customize their experiences by configuring individual reports, documents, menus, forms, and data migration. And with version management, your data and customizations remain intact, even after subsequent upgrades.

Industry Specific Modules

Select your industry and see the specific modules included in your Priority™ package.

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