About Us

InGear™ was founded over 10 years ago by a group of top-tier business entrepreneurs who believe in technology solutions for highly efficient work. We integrate Priority™, a cutting edge, cloud based, globally used ERP Solution with mid-sized market companies in a variety of sectors. Together with our clients, we learn the business, and implement a solution, driving value to the bottom line.

Understanding the InGear Advantage

Most ERP solutions are bloated platforms that try to be all things to all businesses. But do you really need screens to manage your sales reps if you don’t have any? Or complicated product return processes if you don’t need them?

Of course not.This is why we adopt a totally different approach.

In customizing your Priority ERP setup, we carefully analyze your organization’s needs. And we match those requirements with individual modules exclusively designed for your industry and operations. And within each module, we examine what you need and cut out what you don’t. This streamlined approach ensures you receive only the features and functionality you actually require.

As a result, you benefit from less waste, fewer headaches, and greater productivity.

But the advantages don’t stop there.

Unmatched Savings and Unlimited Growth Potential

In addition to choosing the most appropriate ERP modules for your business, we also customize every component to ensure you receive the greatest bang for your buck. Further enhancing this value is our competitive pricing.

We’re able to deliver these solutions affordably since our ERP implementation is reductive – not additive. Completely eliminate what you don’t need and focus only on those features that actually help your business grow. We also take these features and customize them to your organization’s terms. And best of all, we can even train you how to implement each module entirely through our intuitive interface. As your requirements change with time, you can easily continue adding, removing, and customizing whatever ERP modules make the most sense for you and your evolving business. And we’re always here to help with implementation or answer any questions you might have.

Schedule your free InGear consultation today. After a brief 30-minute discovery session, you’ll be able to see an actual demonstration that is specifically designed for your organization.

About Us

Your success is our primary concern.

So in addition to comprehensive installation and support

We also provide:

24/7 US-based customer service by phone and email.

Detailed business process mapping to meet your needs.

Expert support for all accounting, billing, and tax-related questions.

One-on-one consultations to ensure we fully understand your business’s requirements.

Advanced customization support for all modules within the Priority ERP suite.

To see Priority in action, schedule a
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